In June 2016 I spent some wonderful recording days in studio together with my producer Manuel Halter, who took care of all the technical stuff, and   Lena Belgart , who did the backing vocals and also helped me with my singing.

Although I`m finished with my first CD, I am still not done with songwriting. Here is one of my recent songs. There are still more to come. Who knows; maybe I will make a second album some time in the future. At least I would love to:-)



It has been an exiting year making the CD. I am  amazed and so grateful for all the wonderful and talented people that the Lord placed on the way to help me.

In October 2015 I started with the CD project. The very first step was to rewrite and  improve all the  songs.

In March 2016 it was time for these  four amazing cool music guys to  make the instrumentals to my songs. Here they are; some of Germany`s best musicians; Manuel Halter, Kosho, Marc Ebermann and Matthias Meusel.

In May 2016 I did my first vocal recording for "Just like a child". It was truly a miracle that Singer/Songwriter Brian Doerksen just "happened" to be In Switzerland two weeks later, and was willing to sing the duo with me. God`s plans and timing is amazing!

In June 2016 was the important week for the Vocal recordings. Again the Lord showed to me that He is good and has marvelous plans! It was such a blessed time together with my singing angel Lena Belgart, my vocal teacher Timo Schuster ("Gentle Shepherd" my son Andreas Doelitzsch ( "Walk by faith") and my gorgeous producer, arranger, piano-keyboard player and singer ("Walk by faith" ) Manuel Halter.

The Lord had more in store than the vocal recordings. It was such a joy and priviledge to have actress/dancer Carmela Bonomi and Camera man Patrik Felber to make a music video to my song "When I  get there"!